Thursday, October 20, 2016

What Do Santa Claus and the Chemical Imbalance Have in Common?

Before settling my brain for a long winter’s nap tonight, I happened to glance at my email. I noticed that my email newsletter from Mad in America was at the top of my inbox and displayed in the main panel. This would not have normally been a problem, but I accidentally had a four hour nap this afternoon rather than a twenty minute nap and I noticed this at the top of the Mad in America email: “What Do Santa Claus and the Chemical Imbalance Have in Common?”

Thursday, October 13, 2016

There is no substitute

When I first began playing drums, there were two drummers that I modelled my style on: John Bonham and Keith Moon. Although, I preferred the style of John Bonham, the example of Keith Moon was more comfortable to follow because it was easy and took little effort for me to accidentally play cool stuff than to actually know what I was doing. I rethought this after my drum instructor once said to me, “Russell, there was only one Keith Moon,” and I thought about the technical superiority of Kenney Jones, Keith Moon’s replacement after he was dead.